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Never miss a sale!
Grow your business with KiWi Kompra.

Join KiWi Kompra and make sure that your customers always have access to the extra cash they need to pay you for their supplies

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Increase your profit by unlocking extra cash for your customers when it matters.

Enable your customers to access free extra cash to pay for your supplies, at anytime, no matter their current cashflow state.

We finance your customer orders

Offer your clients the option to pay in up to 90 days without interests, at no cost for you.

Always get your money upfront

We pay your customers' bills upfront, so you don't even have to manage reimbursement.

No risk for your business

We assume the risk of fraud and any repayment issues.

KiWi made suppliers' credit lines simple and hassle-free.

Grow jointly with your customers

Thanks to a credit line, sales volume typically grows by 36%

A turn-key solution

No heavy integration needed, our credit and process adapt easily to your operation, supporting your sales force and delivery.

Get your cash up-front. No credit risk

KiWi funds credits, manages risk and collects from customers. You just have to be focused on the sale!

Discount on card transactions

Your customers get an exclusive discount on card transactions thanks to you!

Grow jointly with  your customers

Thanks to credit lines, sales volume typically grows by 36%.

A turn-key solution

No integration is needed! Our credit processes adapt to your operations, supporting your sales and delivery teams.

Discount on card transactions

Your customers get an exclusive discount on card transactions thanks to you.

Get your cash up-front. No credit risk

KiWi funds credits, manages risk and, collects from customers. Hence, you only have to focus on the sale!

How does KiWi work for you?

Our KiWi payment system is already used by +60,000 shops to accept card payments. Using this data, we offer customised cash advance to any reliable retailer.

1. Invite your customers to use KiWi

As soon as your customers receive card payments on their KiWi App, we'll analyze their transactions and qualify them for a loan.

2. Run your sales team as usual

With KiWi Kompra you don't need to change your processes. Your customers send us the delivery order and we take it from there.

3. Receive your money upfront

When your customers use KiWi Kompra to pay your bill, you receive your money upfront and, they have up to 90 days to reimburse KiWi through transactions in their KiWi App.

Invite your customers to accept card with KiWi

As soon as they transact enough, they get access to free extra cash to pay you !

Share your quote or bill to your clients, like always

KiWi merchants can request extra cash to pay your bills in a matter of seconds from KiWi app.

Receive your money upfront,
as expected

You receive you money upfront and they have up to 90 days to smoothly reimburse KIWi.

A lot more than just credit for your retailers!

Card payment is more sales

Your customers will grow up to 30% their sales by accepting card payment with the lowest commission thanks to you!, <2.5% + VAT.

Extra earnings

Your retailers will get even more customers as they will be able to sell them airtime top-ups and bill payments. More clients, more sales.

Online presence

They'll manage their online presence from our App and could reach more clients.

Fund their inventory

Your retailers will be able to fund their inventory thanks to KiWi Kompra, and you, as a KiWi Proveedor, will receive your money upfront.

Micro loans

On top of all of the other advantages, they'll be able to access micro-loans to grow their business!

Card payment brings  36% more sales

Thanks to you, your retailers will grow their sales volume by 36%, while benefiting from the lowest commission in the market <2.5% + VAT.

Visibility gain

KiWi Mi Marca helps you and your retailers to manage online presence. Be more visible and reach more clients!

Extra services, extra earnings

Your retailers will get even more customers as they will be able to sell extra value-added services such as airtime top-ups and bill payments.

Stress-free inventory funding

Your retailers will be able to fund their inventory with the KiWi Kompra loans. This means that you will get your bills paid up-front!

Fast access to micro loans

With KiWi, your retailers will easily access funding to grow their business.

¡Grow with your customers!
They'll thank you for that.

The world's leading brands already trust us

We already partner with some of the main corporations in Mexico to facilitate payment between suppliers and retailers. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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More opportunities to do business

Did you ever miss sales because of your customers' low cash flow ?

Many retailers miss opportunities to buy stocks from their suppliers because of a lack of cash flow. Expenses' timing is a nightmare for them and can have substantial effects on their business and therefore on yours. By offering your customers the option to pay over an extended period, you solve one of your customer's main issue while on your side you unlock higher sales opportunities.

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Reduce time-consuming adminitrative work

You would love to offer credit but you feel it's an administrative nightmare ?

If you never offered credit to your customer, you might think it is risky and time-consuming. If you already did it, you know it is indeed ;) It’s a full-time job that can quickly lead to more sales, but also to more internal work and friction with clients. At KiWi, we are experts in the field and we developed a simple model: You get your money on time and we take care of the rest.

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KiWi is safe

We have all the quality certifications needed and all our operations are encrypted.

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